Mind Set!

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Do you know that…
* China’s economics will not outperform America’s
* China vs India, who’s the winner?
* 21st century is the end of cheap labor cost.
Those provocative statements by John Naisbit has provoked me to buy this book. The author, which has written best selling book “Megatrends 2000”, showed his mind sets how he predicts the future. In his prologue, he showed that our thought and mind set can limit our sight. In this book, he shared his 11 mind sets, which some are for me controversial:
1. Many things has changed, but most of things remain constant
2. The future is included today
3. Focus on the score
4. Understand that it is lucky that you don’t have always to be right
5. See the future as pieces of puzzle
6. Don’t go too far away, so that the other don’t feel you become their part
7. Resistant to change will stop if the actual benefit exists
8. The things that we predict will happen, usualy happen slower than we predicted
9. The result is not from a problem solving, but it is from opportunity exploitations
10. Don’t add without substracting
11. Don’t forget the Technology’s ecology.

The first Naisbitt’s mind set is for me the most provocative. This is the reason why I buy this book. His statement in the mind set “the statement:’the only thing that stays still in this world is the change itself’ is incorrect and ridiculous”. We often heard that most people adore changes. Changes are everything. Naisbitt showed us in this book, that actually most of the thing in this world remain constant. The prinsiples remain constant, but it’s the way we do things that changed. We have to eat, that remains constant. But how we eat, that has changed!

This book’s not not only showed Naisbitt’s mind sets to predict the future. It’s also consists Naisbitt’s prediction about the future. One thing that interesting is that Naisbitt described his argument (that is based on data and is mind set: focus on the score) how China will not beat America in at least 40 years from now. The rapid growth of China’ economics makes experts predict that China’s economic will rule the world. But Naisbitt has another point of view. Just let’s see which is right.
But there’s one thing that I disappointed from this book. The way Naisbitt described that Europan Union also will not beat America is too emotional. Although it was also supported by data, I felt that Naisbitt’s objectivity in this matter is in question.
After all, this book Is worthed to buy and to collect. We may see the trends in this world from the data that’s collected by Naisbitt. Thanks to him.

I suggest to buy english version. My review here is based on my Indonesian version. You might find my review would be different from the english version. But if you’re budget limited, Indonesian version is also okay though.

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